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Mister Sister will certainly deliver a slick, polished show for your function.

Our show can be adapted to suit you. We are happy to offer advice before and during the event from our wealth of experience to make for a smoothly run and enjoyable occasion.

Mister Sister are also fully equipped with one the finest professional touring PA rigs on the market, together with an impressive light show.

Matt Gidlow - Bass Guitar & VocalsAlex Frost - Trumpet, Trombone & VocalsKat Concah - Alto Saxophone & VocalsPenny Laity - Guitar & VocalsKev Campbell - Lead VocalsTony Alexander - Drummer of LegendArthur Whitehead - Tenor SaxophoneMark Cuerton - Sound Engineer, Lampy, Vocals and HarmonicaAndy Newell - Keyboards

Matt Gidlow

'Mattitude' has been playing guitar and bass for 15 years now, performing in more bands than he can (or would care to!) remember. When he's not filling out the bottom end on his classic bass guitar, he can be found recording or performing in Leeds or London with his song-writing partner. Having graduated from Leeds College of Music, Matt provides us with smooth bass lines and soulful vocals too. Matt spends most of his rapidly decreasing spare time composing for films, documentaries and various other projects with a view to setting up his own production company. You may also catch him acting as Musical Director for the 'Theatre In The Mill' at Bradford University.

Alex Frost

Recently graduated from Leeds College of Music with a Jazz degree, Alex is the musical arranger for Mister Sister. Alex has built up an impressive list of credits during hus career including playing with major league big bands as well as having performed with the likes of Alan Barnes, Omar Puente and many others.

During his spare time Alex is the assistant musical director of the local Youth Orchestra and he also likes to write his own compositions. To fill the time up between assignments, Alex can also be seen on the road, teaching people to drive!

Kat Concah

Kat is a classically trained singer and studied Music at college. With her powerful voice and wide vocal range, Kat brings out the sister in Mister Sister. On stage in the front line, Kat is in her element and loves to perform to audiences. Having built up an impressive list of credits over the past few years, Kat is able to alter style and mood of the music to suit the occasion.

Doubling up on alto saxophone as well is quite a feat! Kat is a Veterinary Nurse during the day, and comes alive at night.

Penny Laity is the newest member of Mister Sister and has been playing guitar for over five years, and being the youngest brings the average age of the band down by several years!

Penny's talents are not limited to the guitar. She also sings, plays drums and brass. She has lent her multi-instrumental skills to several local rock and pop groups and professional marching bands and also enjoys writing, recording and performing her own music. Working in a music shop for five years, Penny has acquired a broad knowledge of music and instruments as well as an impressive array of guitars, which combined with her background in performance and entertainment makes her an invaluable addition to Mister Sister.

In her free time Penny enjoys kickboxing and playing poker with her friends.

Kev Campbell has been singing semi- professionally for more than ten years. Having learned his trade through the pub and club circuits, Kev has built up a wide reportoire of songs and styles. His credits include musical theatre shows and he has taken lead roles in 'Jesus Christ Superstar' and '42nd Street'.

Kev's idol is Dean Martin and boy does Kev like to swing! Our lead vocalist can get the party atmosphere going with his quick wit and smooth style.

In his spare time Kev is a fire-inspector and continues to be a musical inspiration to his four children.

'Our Tony' is a founder member of the band and is known as the 'power-house' of Mister Sister, not just just for his imposing physical presence but really for his command of the beat!

Playing on the finest DW drum kit, Tony makes sure our rhythm section is one of the finest around. Happy drumming soul, rock n roll or disco. Tony is at home in any venue, as long as he has his drum kit close by!

A lover of rhythm and blues music, Tony has been known to travel vast distances to get a glimpse of his drummer idols, including Billy Cobham and the late, great Keith Moon. Tony is Director of a successful funeral business and is 'Dad' to his two sons.

Art is our party organiser on stage and loves an audience. With his array of decorative hats to suit any occasion, you can pick him out as our saxophone player anytime!

Art's idol is the late, great sax player Stan Getz and he is still filling any available moment to practice his scales and arpeggios, trying to emulate the great classic sax sounds - "Keep practising Art, you've got a long way to go", we keep telling him!

Art's most treasured possession is his vintage Selmer MkVI Tenor Saxophone, which was played by - yes, you've guessed it - STAN GETZ! During the daytime Arts holds a Professorship in Engineering and is often referred to as 'The Mad Professor'.

Senor Marco is a sound engineer with a difference: he sings backing vocals, plays the harmonica and organises the stage, usually at the same time! With over 20 years of performing behind him, Marco is a crooner with a wealth of knowledge on the musical industry.

A founder member of Mister Sister, Marco has been entertaining audiences with an enthusiasm that belies his age!

During the daytime his dulcet tones can be heard from his BT van, while performing his duties as a telephone and network engineer.

Andy 'Cheese on the Keys' Newell has been playing piano for more than twenty years, joining Mister Sister in 2007 after an all-too-long break from live performance.

He works in technical theatre in Leeds and also freelances as a sound engineer and lampy. Andy has also been known to work in composition and music production, with many production credits to his name.

In his spare time Andy likes to be outdoors, preferably ascending mountains by the most vertical route possible, though snowboarding and footy come a close second.